Maximizing the use of our feather shuttles

Feather shuttlecocks, especially the ones we use for playing at high altitude, are expensive ($22-$26 per dozen), and need to be moisturized several hours prior to our club sessions.

Please warm up with used shuttles only!

This is for warming up on one of the 6 courts. We typically sort through all used shuttles after a session and bring last session's shuttles for warm up (we call them 'Number 2's') or shuttles in almost perfect condition ('Number 1's) to start a real game.

Before you start a game, try using the last game shuttle that was used by the previous team!

Those shuttles can still be in a good enough condition to start a new game and to play some points. Players that just finished a game, please hand your game shuttle over to the next team so they don't have to use a new shuttle. So before walking over to the court to start a new game, don't just take a new shuttle with you, check if an okay shuttle from the last game is still there / is handed over to you by the players that just finished a game.

Please pay attention when returning the shuttle to the serving team after playing a point!

The single biggest cause of pre-mature shuttle breakage is when the shuttle is picked up and hit back to the serving team. What happens is the shuttle is hit on the feathers while it is still upside down before it has a chance to fall down with the cork first. Several feathers break and the shuttle becomes unusable. Please pay attention when scooping and returning back the shuttle to the serving team and avoid breaking the feathers.

Keep the new shuttles in the closed tube so they can stay moisturized!

Moisturized shuttles can dry out within a few minutes in our dry Colorado weather! So please don't bring a new shuttle to the court if you can start playing with the previous game shuttle.

Only take one new shuttle at a time!

Please only take one new shuttle at a time and come back only in case you need another new shuttle.

Before replacing a game shuttle, please give it a critical look if a replacement is absolutely necessary!

Please only take one new shuttle at a time and come back only in case you need another new shuttle.

If all new shuttles, provided by Boulder Badminton Club for each session, are used up, please look around the courts and play with the used ones!

There are typically plenty of good used shuttles around the courts that can be used for a game.